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09:36pm 11/10/2006
  going to work is like going to a funeral everyday.  
01:11am 23/05/2006

he came into work saturday and i wasn't there. shit.
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09:19pm 06/02/2006
  if anyone knows of any music organizations donating or replacing instruments for hurricane victims who lost theirs, please let me know. i lost 2 valuable, sentimental basses and i need one desperately.  
erin ridel   
09:53pm 23/01/2006
  Iegendgazer: you like 30 yr olds
ECrew630: HEY! don't bring up kevin ridel!
ECrew630: hahaha

she said it. not i.
09:40pm 13/01/2006
  what the fuck?

there's a movie filming in shreveport called factory girl. jimmy fallon, sienna miller, guy pearce, and hayden christensen are lingering somewhere in town. weirdness how they're still shooting movies considering the circumstances but i think it's good. maybe they'll pop up at one eyed jacks.
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New York People   
05:39pm 31/12/2005
  New York people. Please go to one of these shows if you can. My friend Mike is in the Ooze. They're pretty quirky and different. But you must see the Public. You'll love them. Both of these bands are dear to me and are from New Orleans and have moved to New York temporarily. The Public are worth seeing. Please go see them if you can.

january 9--fat baby w/ the fantastic ooze(our brother band from new orleans currently living in new york)

11:35pm 02/11/2005
  the world's starting to scare me a bit.

i'm watching anne rice on charlie rose. reminds me of new orleans.
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02:08pm 09/10/2005
  i'm starting to believe the possibility of the end of the world.

or maybe it's because i've been watching 12 monkeys then i turn on the news and hear about this bird flu.
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12:52am 29/09/2005
  i'm so fucking sick of this place. and these people. bleh.

and wasting days.
the music lives   
01:11am 16/09/2005
  if any of you have good music, please donate it to the rona fund. i've been out of the loop lately. i'm usually on the ball when it comes to such things, but whatever. i need some artistic stimulation.  
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11:34pm 10/09/2005
  i desperately want to crawl into my own bed and sleep. impossible.

i miss my house.
i miss my friends.
i miss my life.
i miss new orleans. infinitely.
the rona fund   
07:21pm 04/09/2005
  aileen inspired the rona fund. you can donate clothes you may not need or want to get rid of. i'll post an address as soon as i get settled. help a bitch out, yo.

no erin. i do not want your hot pants. you need those.

my dad just gave me a cup of green tea. dear old dad.
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10:50am 03/09/2005
  for anyone wondering, i'm in dallas but i'll be going to baton rouge today to meet my dad and will stay there. call or text my cell if you need to reach me. and please help out everyone in any way you can.  
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01:47pm 31/08/2005

this cop is on top of my driveway. the houses you see on the right are my neighbors houses. we know the cop in the picture.

there are 100 babies that need to be removed from touro hospital alone by dark. and president bush is just walking off air force one with his dog and he's not speaking til 5 pm. only the president can make the call to send military and use active duty forces. prick.

sorry to everyone who keep reading bad news. i just think everyone should keep this in their minds.
09:27am 29/08/2005
  my dad just called me. the house is gone. my car's gone. and i can't get in touch with him. i just pray that it's over and our enforcement friends pick him up.  
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fucking bitch!   
10:23pm 28/08/2005
  i'm in nashville. it took forever to get here. decided to leave this morning. i thought it would get weaker but it only got stronger. go figure. my stubborn dad stayed, so i hope hope hope he'll be ok and call his police friends if he needs anything. looks like it might leave storms coming here and in alabama so i don't know when i can go home and how much of a home i'll have left. thanks to everyone who text messaged or called me. new orleans still rules. nashville blows. and i'm also on someone else's network connection. weird.  
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01:02pm 27/08/2005
  fucking hurricanes. just like last year. it'll be like the day after tomorrow all over again. whatever. i'm not leaving.  
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11:03pm 05/07/2005
  goddamn tropical storms.  
10:50pm 17/06/2005

heck yes.
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11:17pm 13/06/2005
  my brain is really tired.
screw you sudoku. i hate you.